The school of psychology in Shandong Normal University (SDNU) was founded in October, 2006, which is the fourth independent school of psychology in China. Although the psychology school has been founded for only several years, we teach psychological courses and do psychological research for many years in SDNU. In 1950’s, Yi Zhang and Tongxian Fu, who were the pioneers of education and psychology in China, started teaching and researching of psychology in our university. Then, in 1980’s, the psychological teaching and researching center was established by Quanxin Zhang, Xuechao Cheng, Chengfu, Zhao, Chengfen Zhang, Chaolu Quan, and Ruishan, Lin. under the re-founded department of education. In 2000, the School of education was founded with the psychology department in it. In 2006, with the permission of the university, the school of psychology was founded based on the department of psychology and the psychological researching center.

     The school has three subunits: department of psychology, applied psychology researching institute, and experimental-teaching center of psychology, and the youth enterprise-staring research center in SDNU as attached unit. We have 52 faculties and 6 part-time professors in our school, including 13 professors, 13 associate professors and 12 instructors. Among them, there are 7 doctor supervisors and 23 master supervisors, one mountain Tia specially invited professor, one academic leader of province strengthening key subject. 95% of our faculties are doctor or doctor candidate. We have more than 700 undergraduates and around 200 graduates and international students.

     The school offers applied psychology and psychology two subjects for undergraduates. In addition to the primary discipline doctoral and post-doctoral studying center, the school has established a complete training system for student. The applied psychology is the brand subject of Shandong province. The developmental and educational psychology belongs to the first batch subjects with Mountain Tai specially invited scholar and the strengthening key subject of Shandong province.

      The psychology laboratory (Changqing campus) of the school is a province experimental-teaching demonstrating center and the key lab of province core subject. The laboratory is around 4,000 m2, with the digitally behavioral monitoring center, event-related potential (ERP) center, multipurpose polygraph center, attention deficit testing center, soundproof rooms, experimental manipulation and demonstration rooms, eye-tracking and reading center, and data analyzing center. The lab has general and experimental psychology lab, developmental and educational psychology lab, counseling and teaching simulation lab, social and personality psychology lab, cognitive neuroscience lab, engineering and human resource lab, and public teaching of psychology lab.  The laboratory equipped with 32-channel and 128-channel ERP system, four-road behavioral monitoring system, attention deficit testing machine, 16-channel polygraph machine, and 1.000 high performance computers. The laboratory has also bought data analyzing software, such as SAS, SPSS, AMOS, PES, which can satisfy the needs of faculties and students.

   During the 10th5, 11th5 and 12th5-year plan, the faculties were awarded more than 100 grants, including national natural science grants and national social science grants, more than 12 million RMB. More than 340 researching papers have been published in high level journals, includingChild Development, Journal of Family Psychology, Social Cognition, Journal of Research on Adolescence, Neuroreport, Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, International Journal of Psychology, Aggressive BehaviorandActa Psychologica Sinica. The book ofsocial development of childrenthat was written by Wenxin Zhang ranks at the first three on the citation rate among all CSSCI publications during 2000-2007 in China (Xu, 2010). Our school ranks at number one on the per-paper citation rate of the 2005-2006 CSSCI publications (Geng & Zhai, 2009).

   The school has established solid collaborations with several famous psychology departments in the world, such as the psychology department at California Los Angeles (US), the department of psychology at Jyvaskyla University (Finland), and the psychology department at Provence University. In 2004, the 62th International Council of Psychologists Conference has been held in our school, researchers from 23 countries have participated in this conference. In 2009, our school undertook the 12thnational psychology conference of China. More than 3,700 researchers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland participated in this conference. The international psychology chairman, Kurt Pawlik, also attended. Professor Wenxin Zhang has been selected as vice chairman of the board of the China Psychology Society during that conference.